Problems unpacking

Peter B. Steiger see.sig at
Fri Jan 17 12:52:51 PST 2003

on 17 Jan 2003, "Matijs" sez:
> either use:
>     bunzip2 filename.tar.bz2
> and then:
>     tar -xvf filename.tar
> or use:
>     bzcat filename.tar.bz2 | tar -xv

You can also combine the unzip/untar operation into one command, since most 
versions of tar now support built-in bz2 decompression:

tar -xjvf filename.tar.bz2

Since I'm usually too lazy to type the whole filename, I often cheat and 
use a wildcard.  As long as you provide enough of the filename to make it 
unique, this will work:

tar -xjvf bash*bz2

Of course, if you have multiple versions of bash or "bash-devel" or similar 
variants, that won't work.  One other thing to consider (for the original 
poster): You don't show any pathname in front of the filename.  What you 
typed will only work if bash-2.05a.tar.bz2 is right there in the working 
directory where you type the command.  Don't forget the full path!  E.g.,
tar -xjvf /lfs/packages/bash-2.05a.tar.bz2

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