cant get lilo to work

Heinz Kirchmann kirchman at
Fri Jan 17 00:40:41 PST 2003

> <Disclaimer>
> A lot of folks *luv* grub and the LFS book will be replacing lilo with
> that. From what the grubbers say, they *may* be able to get you going
> faster than pursueing a lilo solution. According to them, grub "walks on
> water" while lilo "passes water in emergencies".  :-))
> </Disclaimer>
> Just for safety, I suggest, in Windows, formatting a boot floppy (it
> used to be 'format /s a:') and copying the fdisk program to it...
If you just want to try, if grub can boot the operating systems on your 
disk, you don't have to install grub to somewhere. 
Get grub, configure and make, but don't install.
Take an empty floppy and put the two grub stages onto it e.g. using 
something like 'cat stage1 stage2 > /dev/fd0' (stage1 and stage2 have 
to be the _files_, IIRC there were directories of the same name)

This will give you a bootable floppy that boots into a grub shell. 
Since it's capable of completion, just look at the commands mentioned 
in the grub hint and try typing the first few characters, then press 
tab to see, what grub offers to you. It's really simple. If it doesn't 
work, your system stayed unchanged, no messing around with MBRs. Note 
that grub is using American keyboard layout, so possibly you have to 
guess how to get '(' or '/'.
If you can boot all your OSs, boot into Linux, create a menu file and 
install grub to MBR.


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