Help with cfdisk

John Schofield schof at
Thu Jan 16 15:52:05 PST 2003

This question may demonstrate that I'm too Linux-clueless to be doing 
an LFS build, but I'm also too stubborn to quit.  (Please be gentle.)  

The book says to "Start the cfdisk program with as argument the name of 
the hard disk upon which the new partition must be created -- for 
example /dev/hda for the primary IDE disk. Create a Linux native 
partition, and if needed a swap partition. Please refer to the man page 
of cfdisk if you don't yet know how to use the program."  So I'm 
running RedHat 8, and lo and behold, there's no cfdisk I can find.  Did 
a search on the web, where I discovered someone else asking the same 
question -- RedHat is apparently omitting cfdisk.  They yelled at the 
guy who asked that question and told him to check out, 
which I did -- installed cfdisk and ncurses.  So now I can start 
cfdisk, but it looks like the keymapping is incorrect -- up arrow key 
toggles bootable status on /dev/hda1, while down arrow gives an error.  
I can't create or modify partitions 'cause I can't navigate to them.  I 
don't get this...I'm running the RedHat GUI terminal on a local 
computer, so there shouldn't be any WYSE/TTY/whatever configuration 
problems, right?

Also, if there's an obvious or non-obvious place where I could have 
found the answer to this question without bothering you guys, please 
let me know as well.  I tried to do a search of the list archives, but 
apparently that feature's down for the count right now.


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