Installing network drivers needs kernel source...

Blender blender at
Thu Jan 16 06:25:45 PST 2003

Leigh Gardiner said:
> Ok. I've grabbed the new kernel, 2.4.20 and compiled it etc etc and
> booted  in fine. Now when i try to compile the modules again, it gives
> me the same  error...seeings as all this is done via console, i don't
> know how i could  paste the exact error msg...usually i type it out off
> that machine, but  these characters can't be re-made...
> Is there some way that i can copy and paste it here?
> Out of curiosity, is there some command that tells you your kernel
> version?
> Thanks.

uname -a

will tell you all you want to know... and more :)

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