grub/partitions probs

Blender blender at
Wed Jan 15 13:56:30 PST 2003

Hi all,

My /dev/hda looks like this:

/hda1    -> host OS /boot (ext3)
/hda2    -> /home (LFS, ext3)
/hda3    -> swap
/hda4    (extended linux partition, type 0x82)
    /hda5    -> /tmp (LFS, ext3)
    /hda6    -> /var (LFS, ext3)
    /hda7    -> /mnt/lfs on host OS, / on LFS? (ext3)
    /hda8    -> /usr (LFS, ext3)

I am unable to mount /hda1, mount replies with: fs type ntfs not supported
by kernel. As far as I know it's ext3, at least that's how the host OS was
configured. In fact, all partitions (execpt of course swap) are ext3.

Is there a way to access /dev/hda2?



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