cant get lilo to work

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On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, dc_u wrote:

> thanx.
> ill send it tomorrow, im not in linux at the moment

BTW, have you tried "lying to your BIOS"? Many BIOS will allow an
increased head or sectors per track count. The the cyl count is reduced
by an appropriate factor. Example, Cyls=2048, Heads=4, Sect/trk=63 can
often be entered as Cyls=1024, Heads=8, Sect/trk=63 to give the same
results. Sometimes your BIOS won't allow a large enough Cyls/Hds/SPT
numbers combination and you can still make it work if you are willing to
give up a few MB (if you have a 20GB or larger drive, that seems OK).

Also, a BIOS upgrade may be available (some are downloadable for free
and flashable - I did this on my M-571 to get the Radeon card working).

But this is not for the less experienced user or the very cautious user.

But since you have stuff already installed, it would be risky. I would
think you would be better served with one of the more common approaches.

Bill Maltby
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