cant get lilo to work

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On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, dc_u wrote:

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> > > i have a extended bios program istalled called ez-bios v13.73M because
> > > my bios dont support harddrives with more cyllinders than 1024.
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> > You wont need that if you dont boot windows.
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> > instead, create a tiny (10MB) partition at the START of the disc, to
> > hold /boot, and you should be sorted.
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> the problem is not needing ez-bios, the problem is installing lilo as my
> MBR. lilo doesnt run when i boot.

Maybe, maybe not? I'm not familiar with ez-bios, but it sounds like one
of those packages that jiggers BIOS values at boot time or maybe acts as
the master boot record and tells lies about the HD params?

If so, there could easily be an interaction between it and the lilo
stuff that is causing problems. For example, when you run lilo, it sees
certain parameters for the disk. It makes boot records based on that,
unless you override them in the lilo.conf file.

Then when booted, if that ez-* gets control and changes parameters,
lilo's boot information is no longer applicable.

The symptoms *might* be ameliorated by doing such things as using LBA
mode (most BIOSs support this, does ez-*) in the BIOS settings or
setting some compensating values in the lilo.conf or installing lilo
only in the LFS partition and leaving the other boot related stuff like
it was.

Also, lots of folks like to use grub instead.

> i dont exacly know how to create a 10MB partition at the start of my disk,
> because that is where my windows partition starts

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