cant get lilo to work

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On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, dc_u wrote:

> hi, i've installed the whole lfs, but are now faced with a small problem: i can't get lilo to work. i've installed lilo as the MBR, but all it does is say "LIL" when i boot my computer. i have a extended bios program istalled called ez-bios v13.73M because my bios dont support harddrives with more cyllinders than 1024. i never had lilo on my system before because i use a bootdisk to boot my mandrake linux. please help, because i would really like to look at the lfs-system ive installed the past week.
> dc

In the lilo source directory, a file called README includes this (and
many other useful things).

 LIL   The second stage boot loader has been started, but it can't load
     the descriptor table from the map file. This is typically caused by
     a media failure or by a geometry mismatch.

Can you post the output from an 'sfdisk -l /dev/hdX', where X is the
drive? And your lilo.conf file? Also, what are the BIOS settings for
that drive.

I also suggest reading some of those docs in the lilo source directory.
There may be something you know about your set up that will be triggered
by something in those docs.

BTW, if you made a change to lilo.conf, did you remember to run lilo
again to install the new boot information?

Did you check the LFS FAQ to see if there was anything there?

Bill Maltby
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