Ext File System Creation

Cole, David coled at casady.org
Wed Jan 15 10:20:40 PST 2003

After getting several errors when trying to install bash, I discovered I had not created the file systems on my LFS partition. I have read through parts in chapter 4 and 5 on Ext3 file systems and do not understand how to create a file system in Ext3. By default this was selected during the creation of the LFS partition. 
My questions are: 

1. Should I change to an Ext2 file system and if so how do I convert it?

2. If keeping the Ext3 file sysem is not a problem then how do I create the file system in the LFS partition.

As stated before I have looked over chapter 4 and 5 and am having trouble understanding what it's telling me to do.
I am using RHL 8.0

Thank you,

David Cole

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