Thanx for the CD's!

John Gay johngay at
Wed Jan 15 09:44:37 PST 2003

First, Chris, thanx for the CD's! Especially the 4.1CVS and the extra sources!

I'd had a friend burn a list of BLFS and other sources to CD for me, but 
yours has most of this. I'm still waiting for the KDE3.1 release.

Now that I've got this, I'll be setting my 13 year old Daughters PC to boot 
from this and sitting with her as she builds her own system from scratch. I 
appreciate your script, but she'll be building on a 200Mhz PentiumMMX and she 
really wants to do it herself. I think we'll start with the 4.1CVS disk to 
see how she gets on.

I understand that KDE3.1 is much faster and less memory taxing so we are 
hoping it will run fine for her. She has 128M of RAM so that helps.

There are also a few other special things we'll have to watch out for. I 
installed Windows98 on the first partition, then used tom's boot floppy to 
partition the rest of the drive. Following this I installed grub and 
configured it to boot Windows98 so now her machine allready boots via grub 
into Windows. This way we onyl have to install the Linux stuff into the spare 
partitions, update the grub menu and off we go.

This should really point out any real problems for Newbies using LFS.

Thanks again to everyone who has put so much work into this project! It 
really is reaching the point where anyone willing to put in a little time to 
read and understand can build their own Linux system from scratch!


	John Gay
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