Bash Installation

Matthew Burgess ca9mbu at
Wed Jan 15 08:13:51 PST 2003

<h.pellarin at> wrote in message
news:3E2579EB.70207 at
> and then i get
> ***********************************************************
> <herve__> rm -f shell.o
> <herve__> gcc  -DPROGRAM='"bash"' -DCONF_HOSTTYPE='"i686"'
> -DCONF_OSTYPE='"linux-gnu"' -DCONF_MACHTYPE='"i686-pc-linux-gnu"'
> -DCONF_VENDOR='"pc"' -DSHELL -DHAVE_CONFIG_H   -I.  -I. -I./include
> -I./lib -g -O2 -c shell.c
> <herve__> In file included from shell.h:41,
> <herve__>                  from shell.c:48:
> <herve__> externs.h:163: conflicting types for `gethostname'
> <herve__> /usr/include/unistd.h:734: previous declaration of `gethostname'
> <herve__> externs.h:196: conflicting types for `strncasecmp'
> <herve__> /usr/include/string.h:277: previous declaration of `strncasecmp'
> <herve__> make: *** [shell.o] Error 1
> <herve__> [root at linsux bash-2.05a]#
> <herve__> ln -s libncurses.a /usr/lib/libcurses.a
> <herve__> ./home/herve/scratch/packages/lfs-packages-4.0/bash-2.05a

First please read the FAQ regarding netiquette (i.e. please don't post
"replies" to messages when your's is a new topic).  Second I'm not sure
whether your question is in the FAQ yet but it should be - it get's asked at
least once a week.  Thirdly please search the archives of the mailing lists
before posting your message to see if it's been answered before.  This is
slightly harder to do now since the search feature on the LFS website is
non-functional at the moment, however google can be restricted to just
retrieve LFS mailing list hits.  Finally the answer to your question is you
need to install the glibc-static-devel package from your Mandrake CD's.



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