Felipe Caicedo afcero at
Tue Jan 14 11:31:22 PST 2003


I made all the things said in the initrd hint:

	compiled the kernel with:
		loopback devices support
		RAM disk support
		RAM disk size 4096
		Initial RAM disk support
	other options (for disk and cdburner):
		Enable loadable module support
		Processor AMD k6-II
		Plug and play support
		Enhanced IDE support
		Include IDE/ATA2 disk support
		SCSI emulation support
		sis5513 chipset support
		SCSI support
		Enable vendor especific extensions
		SCSI generic support
(ALL options are built-in)
	created the directory initrd:
		mkdir /initrd
	created the linuxrc link in the bin directory:
		ln -sf init linuxrc
	created the initrd.conf in the etc directory
	created the mkinitrd bash-script in sbin directory

when I execute mkinitrd to try to make the initrd.img the output is:
	All of your loopback devices are in use.
when I execute lilo with the option initrd the output is:
	Fatal: open /boot/initrd-2-4-19.img: no such file or directory
when I call the bzImage in the lilo.conf directly there is no errors but in 
the boot proccess the output is:
	Loading the kernel.....
The screen clears and the system stands by...

what am i doing wrong?
what should I do?
LFS 4.0

Felipe Caicedo
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