chapter 5 - gcc: echo > instead of echo >>

Antoine Leca at lfs.antoine
Tue Jan 14 11:17:29 PST 2003

Hi folks,

While building LFS for the first time, I stumbled on a problem
that I was able to solve, but which delayed me about one entire day.

While building gcc in chapter 5, between configur'ing and mak'ing bootstrap,
we are instructing to "patch" the auto-host.h file to enable correct
detection of the .hidden directive.

The books (4.0 French version) says quite clearly to type

   echo "#define HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN 1" >> gcc/auto-host.h &&

However, I typed

   echo "#define HAVE_GAS_HIDDEN 1" > gcc/auto-host.h &&

Notice the >> becoming > ;-) The net effect is to clear the previous
content of auto-host, in my case disabling the inclusion of stdlib.h,
resulting in a very strange error while compiling a program (about
2 minutes after the start of compilation, of course it was not
immediate hang!) So it tooks me a while to notice the error...

Question: am I the only one that
   1) is dumb enough to "improve" the line but skipping the 2nd >
   2) and is not that lazy (or is dump enough, depends on your point
     of view) to _not_ cut 'n paste the instructions directly from
     the book?
If both hold, that is if some others actually stumbled on this one,
perhaps a remark in the book (around the place where the effect of
the echo >> auto-host is described) would help future stumbers?

Just an idea,


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