build is ready, how to repartition?

Blender blender at
Tue Jan 14 03:32:38 PST 2003

Hi all,

My LFS4.0 system is up and running! The book worked great! The only thing
that scared me a little was configuring the kernel. Building kernels on
OpenBSD is very easy and since that's where my experience comes from the
kazillion options for the linux kernel were a little overwhelming. However
I managed to get a working kernel the first time. I added some lines to my
grub config (got confused by initrd.img, but learned it was necessary only
on SCSI systems so skipped it) and now my LFS system is up and running.
Right now I would like to get rid of the RH8.0 host system (after all that
was the whole idea).

I would like to have my system repartitioned. Is it possible to move files
to new partitions, change /etc/fstab correspondingly and keep a working
LFS system?


If it ain't broken, hit it again.

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