Make the LFS HD the master drive

Rob Park rbpark at
Mon Jan 13 21:01:55 PST 2003

Alas! Martin Sand spake thus:
> How is it possible to let lilo write the bootloader into the /dev/hdb1 ?!
> Is it lilo -b /dev/hdb1 or lilo -U /dev/hdb1 ?!
> After I have a bootloader on this harddrive I will re-configure the 
> harddrive to be master, so that my lfs is on the first ide drive.

IMO, this is not really necessary. What's wrong with booting off the
second HD? Unless you're planning to physically remove the first drive
and throw it away, I don't see the point.

Linux, unlike Windows, is perfectly happy to boot off of the second hard
drive ;)

Rob Park
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