whois getaddrinfo error

The Cheeze Cheeziologist at attbi.com
Mon Jan 13 20:01:07 PST 2003

First, the vitals: I am running LFS 4.0 on a k6-2 500 with 384 ram and
two ethernet cards, eth0 is inward facing and eth1 is outward facing. My
network both on my lan and on the internet works beautifully. My problem
is with the whois program. When I am either logged in as my normal user
or as root and try to use whois I get this error:
getaddrinfo: Servname not supported for ai_socktype
I have googled for it and have seen some posts about this message in ssh
and in the ruby programming language but nothing pertaining to whois.
One of the fixes listed was to make sure the services file was up to
date but both my /etc/services and /etc/protocols the most recent copies
from the IANA (via the hint on using the IANA versions). Any help would
be appreciated. Thanks!

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