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I don't know if it's inappropriate of considered a waste of space in a
listserve to show gratitude but I thank you all. I didn't have the packages
moved or unpacked.


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>My problem is that my command input looks like this:
>[lfs at localhost lfs]$ ./configure --enable-static-link \
>>   --prefix=$LFS/static --with-curses &&
>>make &&
>>make install
>And my output looks like this
>bash ./configure: No such file or directory
>What am I doing or what have I do wrong to get this output and how do I fix

You need to cd into the directory where the source tarball got extracted to
(should be bash-2.05a) - ./configure means "run the script/executable called
configure that is in the current directory".  If you do an "ls" from your
current directory ("lfs" from your output above) you'll see why you got that
error message ('configure' isn't there is it?).


PS: Please could you set your email client to not post in HTML, thanks.

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Personally I like to see the odd thanks or two on the list(s).  It gives me
a sense of closure - i.e. we know that a) the particular problem was solved
and b) how it was solved.  I especially apprecicate seeing thanks given when
it's from a newbie like yourself...more often than not I see newbies post
their question, get an answer and then we never see hide nor hair of them
until their next prob.  Anyway, if you wouldn't mind in future putting your
replies at the bottom of the quoted text it'll help everyone follow
discussions a bit easier.



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