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Can you get your mailer to wrap at col 72?

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Cole, David wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is David and I am trying to learn the nuts and bolts of linux
because we have a linux firewall where I work and it will eventually be
up to me<snip>

> bash ./configure: No such file or directory
> What am I doing or what have I do wrong to get this output and how do I fix it?
> Thanks

I see a couple of our folks have answered your specific question.
Thought I would pass a couple general suggestions.

First, read the "general" parts of the LFS book a couple of times to
firmly embed certain procedures in your brain, like "... change into the
directory that the untar created...". You are going to be hit with a lot
of strange (and wonderful? and inconsistent, sometimes) new syntaxes and
semantics when your grey matter has not yet established the foundations
for them. Frequent (re)view will help.

Second, hit the linux documentation project (TLDP) for some excellent
docs on all things Linux and bash and hardware and... you name it. It
will be well worthwhile for you and will also reinforce some of the new
stuff that will be embedding itself in your brain.

Third, re-read the sections in LFS about reporting problems. Giving
sufficient (but not _way_too_much_) information on your first post will
get you results faster and also reduce the load on those trying to

*Important* When you have a reason to reinstall a package (failed 1st
time, upgrade, whatever) be sure to remove the existing source directory
and untar again. After install you can remove the source directory (but
not the linux stuff in chapter 5) to save space and also assure you
don't accidently use "dirty" source trees.

Use copy and paste (if you can) to build your instructions, but *be
sure* to try and read and understand those commands. It will pay
dividends later down the road.

LFS has a FAQ. Take a few moments to peruse it. Many questions you may
encounter (including this one?) may be answered in there. It is worth
downloading it to your local machine so you have instant access.

Although the LFS search is down ATM (IIRC) while the new hosting is
being established, a *large* number of questions you may have may be
answered with a google for the linuxfromscratch archives. Use that
search effectively to also save yourself some more time.

Lastly, this group is quite helpful, but can be ... umm "short" when
folks post without taking advantage of FAQ, google and so on before
posting. So be sure a make a good first impression.

Just passing this stuff on and wishing you a pleasnat LFSing experience.

Bill Maltby
lfsbill at

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