Make the LFS HD the master drive

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Mon Jan 13 10:22:43 PST 2003

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Eric T. Miller wrote:

> correction: its boot=/dev/hdb (not hdb1!)
> The boot sector is sector 0 on any drive, so dont specify the part #
> >How is it possible to let lilo write the bootloader into the /dev/hdb1 ?!
> >Is it lilo -b /dev/hdb1 or lilo -U /dev/hdb1 ?!
> >After I have a bootloader on this harddrive I will re-configure the
> harddrive to be master, so that my lfs is on the first >ide drive.
> Its lilo -b /dev/hdb, or boot=/dev/hdb in lilo.conf
> man lilo and man lilo.conf for more info and desc of -U
> >Another way could be to have re-configured /dev/hdb to /dev/hda and then
> boot by a mini linux on disk and then let lilo
> Yep, if you have one.  Make sure you run the lilo thats in your LFS system,
> not on your mini linux!
> mkdir /mnt/lfs
> mount /dev/hda /mnt/lfs
> cd into the dir that holds your LFS lilo (/sbin)
> run ./lilo
> edit your fstab accordingly if you do this method, see the LFS book for
> this.
> GL!

Ummm.... the boot record deposited there will need to be told that when
the boot is done, device will be 0x80. Man lilo.conf and maybe browse
the docs in the lilo source tree for more discussion.

Bill Maltby
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