Make the LFS HD the master drive

Martin Sand Roaster200 at
Mon Jan 13 09:28:08 PST 2003

Hi mates

Maybe this question is old, but I could not find anything on google or 

/dev/hda1 - SuSe 7.0
/dev/hdb1 - lfs

How is it possible to let lilo write the bootloader into the /dev/hdb1 ?!
Is it lilo -b /dev/hdb1 or lilo -U /dev/hdb1 ?!
After I have a bootloader on this harddrive I will re-configure the 
harddrive to be master, so that my lfs is on the first ide drive.

Another way could be to have re-configured /dev/hdb to /dev/hda and then 
boot by a mini linux on disk and then let lilo write the bootsector.

If this question has already been discussed a link to it or a link to 
how-to would be great.

Best regards
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