[Re: Done with LFS, but a question before I go on to BLFS...]

Eric Miller emiller at techskills.com
Sun Jan 12 20:00:18 PST 2003

>just saw the hints page and the first one being a bootable CD. Haven't 
>read it yet, but I'm sure it'll accomplish what I asked for. 

BTW, this should be on lfs-chat or blfs-support, no biggie.

If you want a quick solution and dont wanna mess with making a CD of your
system, one of the LFS regulars has done it for you, ready to go in .iso


It also has lynx and gpm installed, which you may not think to add to your
system before making a CD.  Having the book open in lynx in a seperate console
and c-n-p'ing commands is the way to go.

hope this helps.  Yes, there is an automated install Alfs, Nalfs, and others. 
Links from the home page....

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