Upgrading software?

Andrew Davis andrew at socallinuxsolutions.com
Sun Jan 12 19:10:58 PST 2003

Just a thought on your first question... basically what you want to do 
for a test env appears to be how the main LFS 4.0 handles it. In the LFS 
4.0 doc's you start with an existing Linux install and preferably 
install the LFS build into it's own filesystem/directory. When done, you 
then boot over to the LFS installation. So for your testing environment, 
you could boot your LFS install, and create a filesystem that would be 
for testing with your upgraded packages... if all is successful, you 
would boot into that new one.

The other alternative is to use symlinks. I typically do what you 
described for your KDE plans... I make symlinks from an app's name to 
it's name+version... ie /usr/local/apache is usually a symlink to 
/usr/local/apache-1.3.xx... This allows for installation into a new dir. 
Simply move the symlink... see how well things work. If it goes poorly, 
move the symlink back. If all appears okay, leave it for a few days or 
weeks to make sure no new errors crop up, then remove the old dir.

On a related note... I just walked through the LFS 4.0 install this 
weekend and updated both the kernel (to 2.4.20) and 3 or 4 other 
packages along with the way. All worked fine... without issue. I also 
compiled just about everything but glibc and gcc with optimizations for 
my P4 and haven't seen any issues.


John Gay wrote:
> I mentioned this in another E-Mail, but got no feedback, so I'm posting the 
> idea again.
> I was wondering how difficult it would be to set-up a sandbox-type setup for 
> testing software upgrades before installing them permenantly?
> I am planning to build a full desktop with my Daughter from scratch once 
> KDE3.1 is released. However, I notice that things are updating all the time. 
> For simplicities sake, I'll be sticking to the stock 4.0 install and the BLFS 
> from October, since that is what I based my dependancies on.
> However, I would like to be able to test and upgrade so her system does not 
> become dated.
> Would it be possible to install an updated package in say /usr/local/test and 
> verify that it works with everything before installing it in /usr directly?
> Also, for KDE, I was planning to install this in /usr/kde3.1 and provide 
> sym-links to /usr/kde so that when I upgrade, I can install in /usr/kde3.2, 
> test it out, and then move the sym-link. Is this practical and good practice?
> On a more complex area. Linus tells us that /usr/src/linux is reserved for 
> the kernel sources that glibc is built against, not the kernel of the day. 
> However, what about when I want to update glibc? Should I install the latest 
> kernel sources into /usr/src/linux, then re-build glibc before re-compiling 
> the kernel so that they match?
> Just a few of the upgrade questions that come to mind.
> Cheers,
> 	John Gay

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