Done with LFS, but a question before I go on to BLFS...

Andrew Davis andrew at
Sun Jan 12 19:00:11 PST 2003

First off, I just completed a walk through of the LFS 4.0 install and am 
pleased to have a nice, minimal Linux system. I am very Linux 
knowledgable, but have always been frustrated with distro changes (RH & 
KDE for example) and being forced to install packages I don't want. I 
much prefer the idea of starting with just the base, necessary items, 
then adding my X env, Window Manager, etc. I am very pleased with the 
LFS 4.0 how-to and am looking forward to the BLFS stuff.

So with that said, I now have a Linux system within a Linux system, if 
you will. My tower has RH 8 on it, and the LFS install inside an 8Gb 
volume of that. Before I move on to the BLFS stuff, I'd be very 
interested in taking my current LFS install and putting it on a CD that 
I could then use to re-install my tower... getting rid of all the RH 
crap, choosing my partitions, etc. Is this easily doable? Has anyone 
written any solid documentation on it? I'd be very interested in taking 
my base install, putting it onto a CD, and being able to use it to 
install other machines... maybe an LFS install program or something...

Thought, suggestions, or ideas??? :)
Andrew Davis, Founder
andrew at
Linux Consultation & Integration Services

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