problem to install findutils-4.1 under chroot

Rui Ferreira ruifmferreira at
Sun Jan 12 13:48:47 PST 2003

From: "Thomas Heimroth" <tchino at>
Subject: Re: problem to install findutils-4.1 under chroot
> >>
> >> root:/usr/src/findutils-4.1# make libexecdir=/usr/bin install
> >> /bin/sh: /usr/bin/install: No such file or directory
> >> make[1]: *** [install-info] Error 127
> >
> > May I make a small first note: There are two packages-4.1 - FILEutils
> > FINDutils.
> > 'install' comes from 'fileutils'.
> > First, check if you have the /usr/bin/install binary.
> I don't have it. Now I first installed the fileutils package. Then the
> /usr/bin/install file was created. Then I have compiled the
> findutils-package and is has functioned. So, the sequence is not right.
> can install the findutils-package only after the fileutils-package, I
> I understand it right.
> > If it is there, check if it is a static binary...
> >
> > Wait a minute! Your ch. 5 'install'  binary is under /static....
> > Check your $PATH first, please...
> my PATH-Variable is:
> /bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/static/bin
> Must I add entry to the PATH?
> >
> > BTW: This should go to lfs-support, not blfs.
> Ok, I understand it for the next.
> Thanks Thomas

The sequence in the book is correct.
In ch. 5 we install the programs from the fileutils package under /static.
As I can see, you have /static/bin in your PATH so, no need to add anything.
You must have missed fileutils in ch. 5 (before chroot). Search for
'install' under /static/bin.
In ch. 6 we install findutils before fileutils because we already have a
static version of them.

On my first answer I replied to lfs and blfs support lists. Since you
answered to the (wrong) list, I'm sending this to you personally with Cc to
lfs-support. Answer there please.

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