LILO or MBR questions

Rob Park rbpark at
Sat Jan 11 23:33:33 PST 2003

Alas! Alexander E. Patrakov spake thus:
> > At any rate, I'd just use grub instead of lilo. It's, IMO, more
> > flexible.
> I agree. BTW, the book really assumes that the host has LILO installed:

Well, yeah. When that part of the book was first written, it was assumed
that most people used LILO, because it was extremely common. Then it
came to be that some distributions used grub, and Gerard resisted the
change because "grub is only alpha". But, in fact, most of the LFS
developers like and use grub, and I think it has been decided to use
grub in the next version of the LFS book (maybe it wasn't the /next/
version, but "future" versions. I forget).

> > Now, update the boot loader by running:
> > /sbin/lilo -v
> That command is being run from outside chroot (i.e., it uses host's LILO). 
> Also, I do not understand where LILO that we compiled ourselves is invoked. 
> That should be fixed since both my and the OP's systems do not have LILO at 
> all.

Well, the book doesn't tell you to rerun lilo after you've booted the
new LFS system, the book assumes you're happy using your host distro's
lilo. When I've done a new LFS system, and I'm satisfied that it's a
keeper (didn't make any major screw ups), I'll run grub and wipe out the
host's bootloader. This is not necessary to use the LFS system, so it is
not in the book; but I do it because it makes the new system feel more
"complete" ;)

Rob Park
System restarting, wait...
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