LILO or MBR questions

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at
Sat Jan 11 23:10:25 PST 2003

> > Why do you want that? You may just add LFS kernel to RedHat's GRUB menu
> > (_or_  _rebuild_ _GRUB_ _from_ _scratch_ and add RH and LFS to it_)
> Well, part of building a linux system from scratch is putting in your
> own bootloader! If you rely on the host's bootloader, it's not really
> complete, especially if you want to be 'pure' in the "I compiled
> everything myself" department.

I have said something similar

> At any rate, I'd just use grub instead of lilo. It's, IMO, more
> flexible.

I agree. BTW, the book really assumes that the host has LILO installed:

> Now, update the boot loader by running:
> /sbin/lilo -v

That command is being run from outside chroot (i.e., it uses host's LILO). 
Also, I do not understand where LILO that we compiled ourselves is invoked. 
That should be fixed since both my and the OP's systems do not have LILO at 

Alexander E. Patrakov

P.S. That problem does not affect me since I use GRUB at home and Etherboot in 
the classroom (there are only diskless clients in the classroom).

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