strange problem(s) - hardware related?

Jim Gifford jim at
Sat Jan 11 10:59:55 PST 2003

This is a known problem. Here is what I found during my research of the Via
chipset a few weeks ago.
Message #58 Kernel 2.4.17 with VT8367  [KT266] crash on heavy ide load.

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> On Sat, 11 Jan 2003 11:30:29 +0000 (UTC)
> lfs at (Tim Binsted) wrote:
> > I have had a similar problem (not just LFS related but also with SuSE
> > Linus kernels. What hardware are you using. I have a very old Athlon
650, one
> Elitegroup K7VTA3 V2.0 PCB
> - VIA KT266 chipset North & VIA 8233 chipset South
> AMD Athlon XP 2100+ (5000 RPM Fan, Silver thermal paste)
> - Palomino
> other hardware are irrelevant, because I changed it so many times I
> lost count, with only the two of mentioned remaining the same.
> > I have actually found the errors and posted the errors to the IDE teams.
> > you say when I run the system with Windows stuff (w98 etc.) then the
> > doesn't occur. However I suspect (and hear) that Windows is somewhat
> > agressive in turns of how it uses the hardware.
> I second that. XP might be more agressive than the former w9x, although.
> > What is worth doing is running memtest86 for a night or two and play
with the
> > BIOS settings. Again this has made the system a bit more stable with the
> BIOS settings? Hm, let me see, there are, let's say 50 different
> combinations related to memory and pci timings and stuff. I tried all of
> them :)
> > Apart from that I have no other suggestion.
> Thank you for your response :)

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