newbie questions of GCC

Chris Lingard chris at
Sat Jan 11 04:48:47 PST 2003

newbie wrote:

> thank you for your answers .
> I've unset CFLAGS . but there are the same result .
> any other environment variables must unset ?

I assume that you are in chapter 5.  So why are you building c++.
Your build is failing when trying to build the c++ libraries.  The
last twenty lines would have been enough.

Have you got the full tar ball for gcc, instead of the core package.
The core package is C only, but the full tar ball contains all the other
languages.  What base system are you using, (version of gcc).

If the above is true then remove your gcc directories; unpack clean
source.  configure gcc with the additional flag  --enable-languages=c

When you get to chapter 6 use the additional flag
otherwise you will end up building Fortran, Java and others.


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