glibc segmentaion fault

Chris Lingard chris at
Sat Jan 11 03:21:27 PST 2003

u02137 at wrote:

> I presently have a RedHat 8.0 system  on a Pentium -IV machine and am
> attempting to build a linuxfromscratch system. Many thanks to Chris
> for sending me the CDs.
> I am building the LFS 4.1 system. I was able to install the basic system

You are welcome to the CDs, did I remember to label the 4.1 as pre-release?

If you use the CDs as boot disks, then the 4.1 will build cleanly because
it is using glibc-3.2.1

If you are using them as source disks, then you will have to download
an additional patch for glibc-2.3.1.  See the LFS 4.1 book.  You will
also need to build glibc twice.

Go to and get
glibc-2.3.1.patch and rebuild glibc-2.3.1

Also, make sure you have the latest LFS 4.1 book.

Did I send you an LFS 4.0 CD.  If the instructions for glibc-2.3.1
are confusing you; it might be better if you build 4.0 first.

I must add a README.WARNING to that 4.1 CD.


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