strange problem(s) - hardware related?

Thomas de Roo at
Sat Jan 11 03:05:57 PST 2003

Op Saturday 11 January 2003 11:31, schreef u:
> Hello list,

> cat /proc/modules
> eeprom                  3316   0 (autoclean) (unused)
> i2c-proc                6608   0 (autoclean) [it87 eeprom]
> i2c-viapro              3632   0 (autoclean) (unused)
> i2c-core               13892   0 (autoclean) [tvmixer tuner tvaudio bttv
> i2c-algo-bit it87 i2c-isa eeprom i2c-proc i2c-viapro] nls_cp437            
>   4284   1 (autoclean)

Looking at this, I guess you have lm_sensors installed. Maybe you can write a 
little script that continuously does something like sensors > sensors.log, 
and then start the lockup-program. It might give you some insight in how the 
hardware is under (to) high load...

Good luck!
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