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Fri Jan 10 09:41:41 PST 2003

On Fri 10 Jan 2003 15:03, you wrote:
> On January 10, 2003 07:10 am, Ira Mendell wrote:
> >       Is there a hint or faq I may reference?
> Not yet but we might be writing an "how to upgrade to this LFS release"
> chapter if necessary.

Let me second the request for this chapter.

The first LFS system I built was 3.6? on an ols 200Mhz Pentium. Next, I built 
4.0rc1 from CVS under User Mode Linux followed quickly with 4.0 release in 
the same UML file.

Now I"m getting ready to build 4.0 again on my daughter's PC, and adding 
KDE3.1 as soon as the sources are Officially released. With all this 
experience under my belt, I'll be ready to wipe my current Debian system and 
rebuild from scratch, but I've wondered what would be the best way to handle 

Now, I'm no expert. These positive experiences are a testiment to the LFS 
doc's! But, I was wondering about the possibility of some sort of sandbox 
testing of upgrades before replacing existing packages. I.E:

I built program foo-4.5.1 as part of my system. Now foo-4.5.2 is available, 
but I don't know if it might break my box. Can I build a test version in, say 
/usr/local/test/foo play around with it to see if it plays nicely with the 
rest of my system before re-installing it into /usr to replace foo-4.5.1?

I was planning to use a similar idea with KDE. I was going to install KDE 
into /usr/kde3.1 and create a symlink to /usr/kde. Then when KDE-3.2 comes 
out, I build this in /usr/kde3.2, test it, and when I'm satisfied, change the 
/usr/kde to point to /usr/kde3.2 instead of /usr/kde3.1.

Is this doable and practical, or am I more lost than I thought I was? Either 
way, I think it would be important to address ways of testing software 
upgrades before replacing said software in any upgrade chapter in the book.

As someone who's been bitten many times by Debian unstable and testing 
problems, recovery from such mistakes is high on my list of priorities.


	John Gay
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