how to upgrade lfs

James Iwanek chthon at
Fri Jan 10 06:46:03 PST 2003

Ira Mendell wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm currently working on LFS 4.0.  I'm up to LILO though I will
> probably replace it with GRUB.  I see there's a new version of GRUB .93
> I'll assume it ok to put both LILO and GRUB on the system if I need
> either for future use.
>    I see that as of 1/9/03 in the change log of  the CVS version that
> there will be quite a few changes coming , upgrades and add ons etc.
>   Since I'll probably have 4.0 up and running by the time the next book
> comes out.  How would I go about upgrading to the latest sources. Would
> I just compile the new versions and patches.
>       Is there a hint or faq I may reference?
>                    Thank you very much for any advice.
>                                                        Ira

it all depends on whether or not you are a purist ;-)
if you dont mind the possibility of dirty files then you can just install
the new programs and perform some of the changes by hand with relatively
little fuss. but if glibc, gcc or binutils have been upgraded it is
probably better just to start from scratch. i personally always rebuild
from scratch but then again i probably have way too much time on my hands

homy my two cents help

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