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Thu Jan 9 14:09:24 PST 2003

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Alex wrote:

> Hello All,
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> 3) Use my host's .config file.  When I do this, the compile fails in
> some SCSI code.
> 3a) Same as above, but disable SCSI.  Now I can type and login, which is
> good,  but my eth0 device does not go up! This despite the fact that the
> correct Ethernet card is selected in the menu configuration program.
> Ultimately I don't want to use my hosts .config as I intend to run a
> minimal system as a web server on an old machine.
> I have also tried kernel 2.4.20 with the same results.
> My host is Red Hat 8.0 running kernel 2.4.18.  My machine is a Dell 8250
> 2.4 GHz with 1GB of memory and a 120gb IDE hard drive.
> I have searched through the archive to no avail.  I have also looked all
> <snip>

Hmmm. I think you were close. When you used your RH .config, did you do
make oldconfig instead of make config? If I undestand correctly, oldconfig
will accept your settings from the old config (your RH one) and ask you
about ones for the kernel that are not in that old config. At the end you
would have a new .config.

The other thing is that if your RH came that close, maybe you should just
manually inspect (diff or sdiff or comm the files) and apply the settings
from your RH to the new .config when you do a make config.

Trying to save the aggravation of manually making your .config correct
sometimes cause more havoc.

Amyway, use your RH config as a model since it did allow you to login.
Then adjust your new one for the differences in SCSI and NIC.


> Thanks,
> Alex
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Bill Maltby
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