tzselect problem - directories and files missing from /usr/share/zoneinfo

J_Man jeremy at
Thu Jan 9 09:47:10 PST 2003

john voisey wrote:
> I'm almost too scared to post this for fear of being flamed.
> I am trying to build an LFS system on an AMD K6/2 400. I have
> some experience of installing linux distribs but this is the first
> time I've done it from the ground up. I decided to use Slackware 
> 8.1 as the "host" linux system and I have followed the LFS book 
> version 4.0 to the letter. I am now at the stage "Configuring
> essential software".
> The tzselect script complains that the Europe/London database 
> entries do not exist. It's absolutely correct. The only files in the
> chrooted /usr/share/zoneinfo are and 
> I followed the glibc-2.2.5 installation instructions to the letter. I
> chose to "make localedata/install-locales"  as shown in the
> instructions instead of the "alternative" suggestion in the text of
> using the localedef command. For whatever reason, there are no
> timezone database or directory entries anywhere under the 
> chrooted partition.
> I thought I might have screwed up and caused the files to be 
> created somewhere else but this is not the case, and the files 
> in the slackware host partition are all dated May 17th 2002 so I know
> I have not overwriten them !!
> I am mystified. 
> The reason I'm petrified I'll get flamed is that a google search
> turned up this reference (but nothing else !) :-
> This is the same problem as I am now seeing, reported in June 2002
> from someone following the Version 3.3 book. Two followups suggest the
> problem is caused by failing to set LC_ALL to POSIX when installing
> glibc, but further followups suggest this should NOT be set while you
> are installing software on the chrooted partition, and the rest of the
> thread doesn't give me any real clues as to what's gone wrong.
> I've read through the FAQ amd INSTALL documents that are untarred 
> with glibc-2.2.5 and I can't seem to find anything relevant to this. 
> I've obviously overlooked something and would appreciate any hints as
> to what that might be !
> regards, John Voisey

Hey John!

 From what I know of glibc's installation, this could happen if the

echo "cross-compiling = no" >> whateveritis

line is not done properly.  Glibc isn't able to compile a test program, 
because there's no glibc currently present, so it thinks it's a 
cross-compiler, causing the timezone stuff to not get installed.  now 
that you have some form of glibc installed, I'd just reinstall it one 
more time according to the LFS book instructions in chap 6, it should 
automatically detect that we're not cross-compiling anymore, and install 
the timezone stuff properly.

Hope this helps!


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