Thanks...and now theres another question along with the .bashrc

Jason Beam beamer at
Wed Jan 8 23:36:45 PST 2003

> anybody know anything about the .bashrc?

Check this blfs hint on some basics on config files for bash

> and another you have to customize bash or
> something in order
> to get some keys to work?, eg: by hitting the HOME key it
> inserts this ~
> symbol along with a tone from the PC speaker....and if i
> press the DELETE
> key it does the same...

Check here:

> also, the command prompt says: bash-2.05a#    is there some
> way to change
> what this says? I remember there is, just can't remember what
> file has to be
> created/edited...

and i believe you'll find this one in 'man bash' - look for the "PS1="
setting. In vi, type /PROMPTING<enter>/<enter> and you'll get all the
commands you can send to it. I think the above urls tell you which file
to put this in, i have mine in ~/.bash_profile. But if you wanted the
default prompt for all users to be the same, i think you can set it in


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