Thanks...and now theres another question along with the .bashrc

Leigh Gardiner leighgardiner at
Wed Jan 8 22:31:59 PST 2003

hehe, thanks for works now :)

anybody know anything about the .bashrc?

and another you have to customize bash or something in order 
to get some keys to work?, eg: by hitting the HOME key it inserts this ~ 
symbol along with a tone from the PC speaker....and if i press the DELETE 
key it does the same...
also, the command prompt says: bash-2.05a#    is there some way to change 
what this says? I remember there is, just can't remember what file has to be 


>From: Mark Lee <mplee at>
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>Subject: Re: Setting hostname probs...and .bashrc question...
>Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 22:58:37 -0700
>On Wednesday 08 January 2003 22:52, you wrote:
> > I'm using BSD style init scripts btw.
> >
> > In the hint it says to type these two lines:
> > /bin/hostname `cat /etc/HOSTNAME |cut -d . -f1`
> > /bin/domainname `cat /etc/HOSTNAME |cut -d . -f2-`
> >
> > which I've done...but that just sets my hostname as cat /etc/HOSTNAME 
> > -d . -f1
> >
> > which is not, obviously, what i'm after...the /etc/HOSTNAME file 
> >
> > netserver.jericho
>I think you might be missing that the cat command is not surrounded by 
>quotes, but back quotes (same key as ~). These will evaluate the command 
>place the output in it's place. So, it would set the hostname to netserver
>and the domainname to jericho, which looks good?
>Mark Lee
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