Setting hostname probs...and .bashrc question...

Leigh Gardiner leighgardiner at
Wed Jan 8 21:52:59 PST 2003

I'm using BSD style init scripts btw.

In the hint it says to type these two lines:
/bin/hostname `cat /etc/HOSTNAME |cut -d . -f1`
/bin/domainname `cat /etc/HOSTNAME |cut -d . -f2-`

which I've done...but that just sets my hostname as cat /etc/HOSTNAME |cut 
-d . -f1

which is not, obviously, what i'm after...the /etc/HOSTNAME file contains:


and the question about .bashrc:
if i create a .bashrc file in roots homedir, and i place in it:
alias ls='ls --color', for some reason does not get executed...   .bashrc 
doesn't get touched...yet if i create a .profile file in roots homedir, and 
place the above line it, it gets executed...just wondering why..

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