Binutils-2.13 Segmentation Fault.

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Tue Jan 7 15:40:45 PST 2003

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Cameron Thorne wrote:

> J_Man wrote:
> > Please search the archives of lfs-support - this problem has been
> > discussed SEVERAL times over the last week.
> >
> > Jeremy
> One more reason for LFS to move to Bash 2.05b - so people would have the
> instructions on hand to do it properly the first time.

Since (B)LFS is not a commercial distribution and depends on the efforts
of volunteers, it seems to me that a) users can follow the book to reduce
their problems, or b) work up the needed changes make a patch and submit
it for the folks who do such a good job already, to test and integrate.

I feel certain they progress as fast as they can and (may) have things
they consider more important than keeping up with the "latest and
greatest" of *every* package that comes out that some LFSer wants to use

LFSers *can* use it *now*, but may have to expend some extra effort.

> -- Cameron

Bill Maltby
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