help compiling bash static

Martin Sand Roaster200 at
Tue Jan 7 10:41:24 PST 2003

To Gerard and the others:

Aren't these variables missing down there:

declare -x HOSTTYPE="i386"
declare -x MACHTYPE="i386-suse-linux"

...or what you Albert have installed. Try to add these variables before 
the execution.
WHat distribution you have ?!

So how should cc or gcc guess the type of processor ?!

Best regards

Albert Wagner schrieb:

>Hi, Martin.
>Thanks for the reply.  Here is the output of export.  It seems OK to 
>su-2.05a$ export
>declare -x CC="gcc -s"
>declare -x HOME="/home/lfs"
>declare -x HZ="100"
>declare -x LC_ALL="POSIX"
>declare -x LFS="/mnt/lfs"
>declare -x LOGNAME="lfs"
>declare -x MAIL="/var/mail/lfs"
>declare -x OLDPWD
>declare -x PATH="/bin:/usr/bin"
>declare -x PWD="/home/lfs"
>declare -x SHELL="/bin/bash"
>declare -x SHLVL="1"
>declare -x TERM="xterm"
>declare -x USER="lfs"

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