CVS - chapter 6 - compiling procinfo

Marco Annoni marco.annoni at
Mon Jan 6 14:51:22 PST 2003

I found a problem with this command:

[root /usr/src/procinfo-<version>]# make LDLIBS=-lncurses > normalmessages
2> errormessages

Sorry, I don't remember the version numbers.

This is what the file "normalmessages" contains, and also is the first line
the console would display if output wouldn't be redirected:

gcc -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O2   -c -o procinfo.o procinfo.c

Instead the lines below are what "errormessages" file contains:

procinfo.c:28:21: termcap.h: No such file or directory
procinfo.c: In function `main':
procinfo.c:815: warning: implicit declaration of function `tgetnum'
procinfo.c:872: warning: `%c' yields only last 2 digits of year in some
procinfo.h: At top level:
procinfo.c:19: warning: `rcsid' defined but not used
make: *** [procinfo.o] Error 1

After that, I remembered not to have mounted proc filesystem after the last
reboot (that happened just before the compilation of "make" in chapter 6,
more or less). So I mounted proc, and I looked to procinfo's dependencies
and I decided to recompile "make", since the other packages which "procinfo"
depends by had been compiled before the previous reboot. Then I compiled
"procinfo" again, but error messages and normal messages are the same as
Can someone tell me where's the mistake?
Sorry for my bad english,

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