Problem compiling procps ?

lubo lubo at
Mon Jan 6 02:45:11 PST 2003

Nicolas FRANCOIS (AKA El Bofo) wrote:

>When making LFS 4.0, during the procps phase, I get those warnings :
>sysctl.c: In function `WriteSetting':
>sysctl.c:270: warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth
>output.c:110:15: warning: pasting "->" and "cutime" does not give a valid
>preprocessing token
>(lots of those ones)
>parser.c: In function `grab_gnu_arg':
>parser.c:709: warning: deprecated use of label at end of compound
>Makefile:198: warning: overriding commands for target `install_snice'
>Is this harmless ? For other packages, there are mentions of possible
>warnings and compilation errors, but nothing on this one. Anyway, I can
>build everything, so it's not very important, is it ?
>Thanks for any help.
yes, you are right. It is harmless, go ahead.
Gook luck.

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