my lfs still doesn't boot in chapter 9!

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Sun Jan 5 19:15:39 PST 2003

On Sunday 05 January 2003 17:21, Allen Parker (Allen Parker 
<allenp at>) wrote:
> Gerard: just wondering, when's lfs moving to devfs (much nicer,
> neater and easier to maintain), when most of the rest of the linux
> world (that I've seen) is already using it?
> And I site:
> "...and I've executed the MAKEDEV"

devfs inclusion was discussed, but Gerard will only move _if_ (that's a 
big "if") devfs will be deemed stable and default for future kernels. 
Check lfs-dev archives (where this should be discussed :) for past 
flamewars :)

Jeroen Coumans

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