rc Bootscript Revisited

Steve Crosby sneeble at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jan 5 18:43:49 PST 2003

Geoffrey Clements <bitbucket at electron.me.uk> wrote in
news:av4jvd$h91$1 at quasar.highos.com: 

> A little while ago I asked a question about the rc bootscript, it was
> all about why scripts from the previous runlevel are *not* checked for
> being started when entering runlevels 0 and 6.


> A fix was kindly supplied by someone who's name I can not find because
> the message is no longer on the server but who donated valuable sleep
> time and for which I am grateful.

That would be me...

> I changed the rc script (patch attached to this message).  This simply
> suppresses the test for runlevels 0 and 6 and also suppresses the
> warning message.  Then I changed the symlinks from K99halt to S99halt
> and from K99reboot to S99reboot in rc0.d and rc6.d.  It seems to work
> OK. 

Yep, that should work fine.  The last patch I posted did the same with the 
removal of the if statement and warning, although I left the K99 scripts 
alone and added new S99 symlinks instead.

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Steve Crosby
sneeble at paradise.net.nz
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