Returning to ML for upgrade

Albert Wagner alwagner at
Sun Jan 5 03:03:14 PST 2003

I have been running LFS 3.3 since the summer of last year.  It was 
stable so I dropped out of the mailing list.  Now I am ready to 
upgrade to LFS 4.0.
1) I successfully downloaded the packages and book for 4.0 from a 
European site, but could not find an FTP site in the USA.  Is there 
one?  Link?
2) The book/packages I downloaded were dated: October 6, 2002.  Is 
everything in these downloads current?  If not, where might I find a 
list of current book changes and packages?
3) I originally used SuSE 7.1 to install LFS 3.3.  Now I intend to 
install 4.0 in the SuSE partition.  I don't intend to repartition, 
but I want to clean/verify the SuSE partition in preparation.  What 
is the best tool for this?
4) I would appreciate any caveats or gotchas to watch out for.

Thanks ahead for any help.

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