Memory usage and glibc installation

Martin Sand Roaster200 at
Sun Jan 5 08:26:26 PST 2003

Dear Users

I am now working for 5 weeks on the LFS 4.0 Book facing several problems.
The last problem took 3 weeks:

1. Compiling the GLIBC in chapter 6 caused the filesystem to produce a 
lot of
errors. Checking the filesystem showed several badblocks on the 
harddrive. The
solution was to buy a new Maxtor 60GB harddrive.

2. Kernel headers - chapter 6
Another 2 tries were caused by a "no target for makefile" "arch//Makefile"
not found. First I thought of dependencies and re-compiled againg the WHOLE
package. *lol* Entering the configure (or was it the Makefile) script 
show, that
between arch and Makefile the architecture type should be showed: i386. 
This had
to be done by sed. Checking for sed there was no sed. So there had be a 
I recompiled sed and the Kernel headers installation succeeded.

3. glibc - locales installation
The hardest error was the installation of the glibc locales.
Every time the installation made the system halt. Only a hard reset 
solved the
mess. I could not explain it and I stayed in front of the computer. I 
backed up
my files and could now easily start, were I stopped *lol* not installing 
from the beginning.
After several tries (about 10) a strange message showed up saying 
something about
"dumped". I recognized that the systems halted every time in an early 
stage of the
installtion when I streamed some winamp streams. I don't 
know if there
is a connection but keep on listen. A german mailinglist said somehting 
aboout glibc
and a correctly mounted proc filesystem. I checked it. My proc system 
was mounted.
Now I was interessted in the proc "filesystem" and searched the internet 
information. After I found the definition I cat'ed all files in the 
/proc tree and I
wondered about the /proc/meminfo. There was very less memory, about 1990 
kb. This
seemed strange to me. After 3 hours of surfing I found a hint about 
memory and
"ps aux" showing a relatively good memory usage. The most memory was 
consumed from my
"named" local DNS server. Now I killed al unnecessary programs and what 
6500 kb of free memory and a succeeded glibc install locales.

Best regards

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