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Wolfgang Landauer w.landauer at
Sun Jan 5 02:08:01 PST 2003

Trent killed the keyboard with:

> I want to remark, that there was an article in the most respected german
> IT mag: called c't.
> Selbst gebaut
> Mit Linux From Scratch zur eigenen Distribution
> Praxis, Linux From Scratch, LFS, Gentoo
> c't 22/02, Seite 214
> Translated by myself :)
> Selft construction
> Building with Linux From Scratch your own distribution
> c't 22/02, Page 214

This reminds me about an article in the german "Linux Magazin" 12/2000 
pages 100 and 101 where I first heard about LFS. Thomas -Balu- Walter 
wrote about the LFS project. It's interesting to see how things have 
changed in the last two years.

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