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phani at phani at
Sat Jan 4 21:11:18 PST 2003

Iam sorry to say that Ihave not used the LFS variable I directly put my 
directory there i.e 

--prefix=/lfs/static (/lfs is the directory where I mounted the partition)

Something like that
And even my path is set to /static/bin 
It gives me /static/bin/ls: No such file or directory

When Iam out of the chroot environment I gave /lfs/static/bin/ls and it is 
Can u help me Where did I get it wrong

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Allen Parker wrote:

> Hi members,
> Iam new to this mailing list,Iam from India, Iam a linux freek,After 
> trying out some distros I thought to make a try at linux from scratch
> I tried the linux from scratch on a Celeron 1100 Mhz (i686)
> The compiling goes on well in the static directory.Everything goes on
> fine
> till I chroot into my static directory
> When I chroot Iam not able to get some commands
> like ls, chown,chmod etc..
> some commands like gcc,gawk are working
> Did I do anything worng
> I followed the steps specified in the book and didnt do anything extra
> P.S:I need this working because Iam planning it for LRP
> ##################
> not quite sure what LRP is, however, it seems like you missed part of
> the PATH or LFS variables in the command, do an echo $LFS from the
> non-chroot shell, if that's correct, attempt to chroot again and then
> echo $PATH if it doesn't output /static/bin you typed something in wrong
> :(


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