Help needed

Allen Parker allenp at
Sat Jan 4 20:59:45 PST 2003

Hi members,
Iam new to this mailing list,Iam from India, Iam a linux freek,After 
trying out some distros I thought to make a try at linux from scratch
I tried the linux from scratch on a Celeron 1100 Mhz (i686)

The compiling goes on well in the static directory.Everything goes on
till I chroot into my static directory
When I chroot Iam not able to get some commands
like ls, chown,chmod etc..
some commands like gcc,gawk are working

Did I do anything worng
I followed the steps specified in the book and didnt do anything extra

P.S:I need this working because Iam planning it for LRP
not quite sure what LRP is, however, it seems like you missed part of
the PATH or LFS variables in the command, do an echo $LFS from the
non-chroot shell, if that's correct, attempt to chroot again and then
echo $PATH if it doesn't output /static/bin you typed something in wrong

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