Installing from the boot CD with a non-bootable CD?

John Gay johngay at
Thu Jan 2 12:17:17 PST 2003

I know this is going to sound backwards, but . . . 

I'm rebuilding a PC for my daughter. Since Windows is in a world of it's own, 
I installed it first.

Next, I used Tom's Root/Boot floppy to create some Linux partitions and the 
grub hint to figure out how to install grub on the PC to boot into Windows98. 
Yea, I'm strange ;-)

After concidering trying to use Tom's floppy to somehow install an LFS 
system, I decided to wget the LFS 4.0 CD. One small problem, the PC in 
question can not boot from CD.

I'm guessing I can either use Tom's floppy to mount the CD or maybe use grub 
to boot the CD directly. Either way, the next step is to build LFS, followed 
by X and KDE3.1, once it is released. I might decide to use the KDE3.0.4 
sources I've got on DVD if things go faster than I anticipate.

I 'think' I understand the process enough to build directly from the CD to 
the hard drive, and having grub allready installed and working should make 
the conversion to a bootable system a bit easier.

However, any Ideas, pitfalls or tips would be greatly appreciated. This will 
be my final test before I wipe my own Debian system and re-build it from 

Thanks for all the hard work! It's be very educational and liberating 
following your documentation!


	John Gay
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