alias and keymap problems

Stefan Buchholz Stefan.B at
Thu Jan 2 08:53:09 PST 2003

I just finished installing LFS 4.0 and working out the major problems. 
But 2 are still left:
1, alias:
I use the bashrc and profile files from BLFS, only the global ones (no 
~/.bashrc and ~/.bash_profile). Everything in there seems to work fine, 
expect for the "alias ls='ls --color=auto'". I also added an additional 
line saying "alias rm='rm -i'", but it didn't work either when I logged 
on as root (I don't have any other users so far). When I type alias at 
the bash prompt, nothing is listed.
2, my keymap:
I have a swiss german keyboard and I use the keymap sg-latin1 and the 
inputrc from BLFS. In general it works fine (umlauts are displayed) but 
two things, which work fine on a Mandrake 9.0 installation on the same 
system using the same keymap (at least it says so on startup) are 
causing problems:
- altgr+1 and altgr+7 both output '¦', but altgr+1 should be '|'.
- the key just left under backspace should output '¨' (the two dots used 
in umlauts) but it outputs inverted commas ", it is mainly used to make 
uppercase umlaut, so not very important.

I hope I provided enough information and anyone can help me.
As for the first problem, I'm quiet sure there's a simple solution (I'm 
new to Linux, something may be obvious for you, not for me).

Stefan B.

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